The Warning Signs Your Computer Will Give You Before It Shuts Down For Good

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It might not always seem like it, but computers perform completely rationally, and every action they execute, however random it seems, has a reason behind it. Most of the time, these actions are controlled by you: opening programs, writing up documents, playing games and so on. Sometimes these actions aren't controlled by you and signify an underlying problem that needs to be addressed quickly. If the problem isn't fixed, then the computer might simply turn off and refuse to respond. Here are a couple of warning signs that signify that you need computer repairs as soon as possible to stop irreversible damage.

Computer Turning Off Randomly

If your computer randomly turns off without you instructing it to, then there is quite a severe hardware or software issue that needs to be resolved before your storage, files and OS are irreparably damaged. Hardware problems that can cause your computer to turn off include faulty power cables, clogged ventilation, corrupted memory, etc. Software problems could range from something as simple as a surface-level virus to more serious malware that has embedded itself into the core of your computer. Whatever the case, this issue will never resolve itself without intervention from some computer repairs and that should be your first stop when this problem presents itself. 

Unresponsive To Mouse Or Keyboard

If your computer stops responding to your input devices (primarily your keyboard and mouse), then either a very specific part of your motherboard is malfunctioning or your mouse and keyboard are broken in some way. If you can still turn the computer on and off manually, that is a good sign. Always check if swapping out your mouse/keyboard with another type works, and if they are connected through a USB port, then try all of the available ports you have to see if that solves the problem. If nothing works, computer repairs should be the next option. Make sure to tell them what you have done already so that they don't waste time repeating your steps.

Change In Computer Noise

Having a loud computer might seem impressive, but really this is the sign of a machine that is reaching its stress limit. This is especially concerning if your computer has only recently started to get loud while being turned on for long hours. This noise primarily comes from the internal fans in your computer. Their job is to keep the CPU and other components cool. They can get louder for two reasons:

Either way, it is not healthy for your computer to be tested to its limit for too long. Computer repairs and upgrades can swap these parts out and keep your computer running for many years to come. 

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